Decentralised Technologies for Orchestrated Cloud-to-Edge Intelligence

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DECENTER aims to develop a robust Fog Computing platform, covering the whole Cloud-to-Things Continuum, that will provide AI application-aware orchestration and provisioning of resources. The project will enrich existing Cloud and IoT solutions with advanced capabilities to abstract features and process data closer to where it is produced.

DECENTER will enable a collaborative environment in which multiple stakeholders (Cloud and IoT providers) can securely share and harmoniously manage resources, in dynamically created multi-cloud/edge, federated environments. Cross-border infrastructure federation will be realized via Blockchain-based Smart Contracts defining customized Service Level Agreements, used to commit the execution of verified workloads across multiple, potentially remote, administrative domains.

Through such novelties, DECENTER will unlock the potential of innovative decentralised AI algorithms and models, by deploying them across multiple tiers of the infrastructure and federated clouds. The project will follow a lean implementation methodology and validate its concept with real-world pilots executed in urban, industrial, and home environments.

With its approach, DECENTER will target the emergence of innovative digital businesses, thus providing a competitive advantage to the EU and the Korean industry and fostering cross-border collaboration.

Our role

We lead the activities corresponding to the implementation of the methodology and the validation of the platform in real pilots executed in four scenarios. These pilots will demonstrate the social and commercial impact of the project, confirming that this type of technology and solutions should be adopted to benefit the safety of citizens, at pedestrian crossings and for workers in the logistics and construction area, and finally families in their homes.

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