AI4Cities is an EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) that has selected 41 suppliers (one of them being Atos) to design, implement and test innovative AI solutions in the fiel
AURORAL started in January 2021 and it is estimated to end on December 31st 2024.
BD4NRG aims to enable an incremental decentralized energy data-driven ecosystem and a collaborative data sovereignty driven ecosystem.
Large amounts of valuable data are available in energy systems but are often underused.
Aims to demonstrate an innovative set of charging infrastructures, technologies, and associated business models, ready to improve the Electric Vehicles (EV) users experience beyond early adopters,
BD4OPEM will develop an analytic toolbox based on Big Data techniques, providing tools for enabling efficient business processes in the energy sector. By extractin
Aims to demonstrate innovative 100% fossil free heating and cooling solutions for new and existing district heating and cooling systems. The solutions will integrate:
The objective is to develop a modular grid management solution consisting of a set of interoperable off-line and on-line software tools for an optimized design, planning, operation and maintenance
The project aims to allow the power distribution grid to operate in a secure and stable manner when a large share of variable renewable electricity sources is connected to low and medium voltage gr
Aims to deliver a community-driven scalable and replicable approach, to implement new business models and technologies supporting clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communi
Aims at increasing the role in Europe for Local Energy Communities (LECs) to speed up the grid integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), facing challenges as the lack of flexibility when plann
MERLON introduces an integrated modular local energy management framework for the holistic operational optimisation of local energy systems in the presence of high shares of volatile distributed re