Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks

Martin Wagner
Institute of Communications & Computer Systems - ICCS
Funding Program
Project Date

ELVITEN demonstrates the usefulness of light electrified vehicles for urban transportation. Our focus is on bicycles, scooters, tricycles, and quadricycles (EL-VS). We work for more innovative, more sustainable, and more connected urban mobility in Europe. Throughout the life of the project, it has been possible to:

  • Demonstrate the advantages of EL-Vs in six European cities.
  • Integrate existing charging stations into a wide-open platform for users.
  • Raise awareness of the use of EL-Vs for occasional and regular urban travellers through easy-access tools.
  • Analyse trip and user data to make recommendations available to public authorities in other European cities
Our role

Atos is responsible for providing reservation services (called “booking”) for both light electric vehicles, as well as charging points or parking spaces for these vehicles. The availability of vehicles, points, and spaces are managed by services called "brokering" based on time slots.

Moreover, for the business part, Atos contributions focused on the correct preparation of the demonstration sites (availability of technical resources, personnel, spaces for infrastructure, etc.), as well as the validation of the functionalities for the ICT services to be deployed on those sites. We have a strong role in exploitation activities based on the improvements of the tools developed to support the replicability of the solution in other locations (cities).