Increasing trustworthiness of ICT solutions by developing Functional Encryption Technologies

Francisco Gala
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FENTEC designs Functional Encryption (FE) systems with varying functional, security, hardware and software requirements and aims to develop new FE as an efficient alternative to the all-or-nothing approach of traditional encryption.

FENTEC implements a unified cryptographic API of Functional Encryption systems through a team of cryptographers, software experts, hardware specialists, and IT industry representatives. The project designs, develops, implements and demonstrates the usefulness and real-life applications of FE. 

Our role

ARI technical team is specifically working on one of the project pilots in order to develop a privacy-preserving and auditable Digital Currency. Apart from the leadership of one of these pilots, Atos has the roles of project director and project manager, the leader of the communication task, and also contributes to the exploitation activities.  

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FENTEC online hackathon

The FENTEC project organizes for the first time an online hackathon in conjunction with IACR RWC’21 in January.