Manufacturing Data Networks

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Carmen Perea
Miguel Ángel Esbrí
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European manufacturing industry needs to urgently depart from manual operations to integrate and manage their data space participation, significantly increasing capabilities for data engineering and management autonomy and integrated AI & digital twin continuous delivery.

RE4DY mission is to demonstrate that the European industry can jointly build unique data-driven digital value networks 4.0 to sustain competitive advantages through digital continuity and sovereign data spaces across all phases of product and process lifecycle, proposing "Data as a Product" core concept to facilitate the implementation of digital continuity across digital threads, data spaces, digital twin workflows and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data pipelines. This concept leverages resiliency on top of advanced manufacturing digital processes and value ecosystems supporting the development and implementation of digital continuity, so distributed data management solutions implemented to deal with factory resiliency can be immediately and seamlessly reused to enhance connected factory and value network level processes.

Our role

Atos is ​​leading WP3, "Continuity Management Toolkit for Industrial Digital Thread & Cognitive Twin Fabrics". Atos will extend the AGORA’s current open SDK-APIs for cataloguing of “Data as Products” and advanced provisioning of datasets, data apps, Machine Learning models for federated learning and Artificial Intelligence tasks.