Enabling a cross-sector interoperability between eIDAS and Higher Education & Research domains

Ross Little
Atos Spain
Funding Program
Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
Project Date

The action aims at combining the benefits of Member-State backed citizen (natural person identification and authentication through eIDAS) and student and researchers identities (eduGAIN from GÉANT and European Student Identifier from European Student Card) to enable a cross-sector interoperability between eIDAS and Higher Education/Research domains.

This will be achieved through the deployment of the SEAL linking service platform, which will establish inter-linking mechanisms between different identities in order to support authentication mechanisms for multiple identities. SEAL identity linking service will centralize the checks of the identities on a trusted third party and provide common query interfaces so the burden of having to compare/validate the match between two identities is taken out of the services to a dedicated platform. 

Our role

Atos coordinates the project and is a main technical contributor, responsible for the overall integration.