Smart Big Data Platform to Offer Evidence-based Personalised Support for Healthy and Independent Living at Home

Manuel Marcelino Pérez
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The aim of the SMART-BEAR platform is to integrate heterogeneous sensors, assistive medical and mobile devices to enable the continuous data collection from the everyday life of the elderly, which will be analysed to obtain the evidence needed in order to offer personalized interventions promoting their healthy and independent living. The platform will also be connected to the hospital and other health care service systems to obtain data of the end-users (e.g., medical history) that will need to be considered in making decisions for interventions. 

SMART-BEAR will leverage big data analytics and learning capabilities, allowing for large scale analysis of the above mentioned collected data, to generate the evidence required for making decisions about personalized interventions. Privacy-preserving and secure by design data handling capabilities, covering data at rest, in processing, and in transit, will cover comprehensively all the components and connections utilized by the SMART-BEAR platform

SMART BEAR will deliver a solution offering: 

  • Continuous and objective monitoring and interventions for 21st century precise and personalized medicine towards optimizing disease and associated risks’ management. 
  • Measurable improvements to the Quality of Life of the elderly and their ability to live independently.