Unveiling the AIaaS paradigm

Daniel Calvo

Head of AI, Data & Robotics Unit
Daniel Calvo Alonso

Our mission is to contribute to the digital transformation and digitalisation of the European Industries through the development of innovative applications and services based on value-driven trustworthy AI, Data and Robotics. Our orientation towards the research roadmap aims to ensure the application of these technologies to improve citizens’ lives and exploit their potential to increase industrial competitiveness, considering a human-centric, ethical and trustworthy approach that is fully aligned with the fundamental European values. We aim also facilitate access to specialized resources and their management, creating and adapting new tools and platforms able to use modern computing paradigms


From the perspective of one of the world's largest IT consulting and leader in digital transformation, we are guided by technological ethics to prevent the misuse of data-driven and AI applications and ensure privacy and auditability. Our vision is to research engineering and analysis of large and complex data, with semantic technologies and state-of-the-art technologies such as  Natural Language Processing, parallelizing processing to ease the execution of experiments with transparent access to cloud and HPC; and researching on future technologies such as New Quantum Computing and Future Neuromorphic Computing solutions. The potential of datasets is also exploited thanks to the creation of a platform to unveil the Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) paradigm that abstracts the complexity of distributed and heterogeneous infrastructures. To enable added-value applications, our research on Emotional AI, cognitive architectures, and cloud robotics allows the development of transversal technologies and solutions applicable to all verticals.


The expertise of our team makes it possible to cover areas including Machine Learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, search and optimisation, planning, multi-agent systems, NLP, ethics, legal and social issues. Moreover, through the specific research on robotics, we address technological trends such as adaptive and autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, epigenetic robotics, and robotic system safety. Our Unit provides a unique point of contact with the R&D carried out in the AI, Data, Robotics and APC fields in Europe through our participation in the many projects funded under the umbrella of the BDV PPP, engagement with the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), and the European AI on-demand platform (AI4EU).

The team is working in the following key assets:

  • Secure and fair Big Data sharing.
  • Data analytics and AIaaS platforms.
  • Big Data benchmarking.
  • AI-based anomaly detection.
  • Vertical applications and services, e.g., personalized medicine, connected vehicles.
  • Orchestration of AI and data-driven solutions.
  • Intelligent Mission Control Systems for Robotics platforms.


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