Security, trust and privacy to ensure the protection of citizens and organizations

Rodrigo Diaz

Cybersecurity Head of Unit
Rodrigo Diaz

Our mission is to coherently address cybersecurity from a technological perspective within a holistic approach, by placing people at the centre of technology and processes. Our main goal is to ensure the security of citizens and organizations from threats such as cybercrime and cyber terrorism, while respecting fundamental rights, such as privacy. For this purpose, we work and research on innovation in the field of cyber incidents detection, impact assessment and response, by providing effective, intelligent, usable and context-aware solutions.


From the perspective of one of the world's leading cybersecurity companies, we work on a combination of integrated and multi-layered cybersecurity solutions, user education and awareness supported by processes, best practices, and governance to prevent, mitigate and remediate cyber-attacks. With this vision in mind, we address existing and future challenges regarding security in areas, such as IoT, Critical Infrastructures, 5G networks, shared service applications, Cloud infrastructures, AI, Social Networks, risk assessment, digital forensics, training, among many others.


We focus our research on three main aspects: usability, intelligence, and automation.

  • Usable security is at the very core of the innovation. To this regard, our assets provide accurate information to each decision maker in the organization to guide security analysts in this process.
  • Intelligence: we work alongside AI and Machine Learning in the cybersecurity arena with the objective of making the solutions capable of comprehending the relationships between different observations in an enterprise environment and to identify behavioural models for every element of the organization.
  • Security automation across tools and processes to avoid the use of manual intervention -as much as possible- which, combined with the other two values, makes it possible to achieve an intelligence-driven cyber defence.

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