In recent years, the majority of the world's Critical Infrastructures CIs evolved to become more flexible, cost efficient and able to offer better services and conditions for business opportun
CIVILEX aims to identify, characterise and model the communication and information systems in use within the EU Civilian missions, understand the stakeholders’ requirements and provide possible sol
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supports the interaction between humans and devices in three consecutive activities: collecting, communicating and using information.
Science2Society creates, pilots and shares good practices, guidelines and training materials that improve awareness and practical performance in seven concrete university-industry-society interfaci
Large scale initiative to develop, integrate and disseminate innovative technology-enhanced learning (TEL) methods and tools, to create new or inter-connect existing state-of-the-art teaching labs
The main objectives of the platform are: - Representation of the Spanish ICT sector by sticking together academia, industry and research organizations.